Frame Repair

Autobody Frame Repair in San Luis Obispo

Almost all collisions result in some degree of frame damage. Frame repair not only involves restoring frame components to their original dimensions, but also to their original strength. Where metal is bent it becomes hardened in the bend where the molecules are pushed together. Through a process called stress relief, the molecules are arranged back to their original configuration and the steel is restored to its original strength.

How is it done?

Our frame repair technicians use a frame machine which is a platform onto which the vehicle can be clamped.
Through the use of hydraulic rams along with the devices for pulling and a measuring system which uses a laser and reflective targets that are accurate to within one millimeter, the frame can be restored to its original condition. The vehicle is measured in three dimensions; height, width and length, and our technicians ensure that once the frame is repaired all other parts fit and the wheels align correctly.

Common frame damage

One of the most common problems that happens to a car frame is that a portion will be bent out of alignment. This often occurs to fenders and other parts of the car that are in close contact with other vehicles. Not to be confused with a dent, which is a single point of indentation on the frame, a bend is where an entire piece is bent around one point of collision.

It’s important that you recognize how secure the component is after re-bending it, and to know when it requires replacement.

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